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The best way to get to the Azores, and the festa, is via SATA. From North American, you can depart from Boston, Providence, or Montreal for the short flight to Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel. You can also take any major airline to Lisbon and transfer to SATA for the trip to the Azores. This planner is related to the article Feeding the Feast.


Hotel do Colégio
Rua Carvalho Araujo 39
9500-040 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel

São Miguel Park Hotel
Rua Manuel Augusto Amaral
9500-222 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel

Hotel Marina Atlantico
Avenida Infante D. Henrique
9500-150 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel


Restaurante A Colmeia
Rua Carvalho Araujo, 39
9500-040 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel
Tele: 011 351 296 306 600
for modern Portugese cuisine

O Miroma
Rua Dr. Frederico Moniz Pereira, 15
Furnas, São Miguel
Tele: 011 351 296 584 422
for excellent cozidos — pots of pork, chicken, beef, sausage, kale, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes that have been cooked in volcanic fissures

Restaurante Lagoa do Fogo
Estrada da Lagoa do Fogo
Apartado 2, Ribera Grande
São Miguel
Tele: 011 351 296 472 701

Maria Da Gloria L.M. Moniz
Rua Victor Manuel Rodrigues, 16
Furnas, São Miguel
for bolos levedos — superb, slightly sweet bread, similar in shaoe to an English muffin

Açores Marisqueira
Rua Eng. José Cordeiro, 20
9500-311 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel
Tele: 011 351 296 385 093
offers a wide variety of seafood

Rua Hintze Ribeiro 67 a 71
9500-049 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel
Tele: 011 351 296 282 677
for great steaks

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