Recipes from A Time to Celebrate

In the South, weddings, showers. birthdays, a retirement and high holidays, along with many of life’s milestones and seasonal splendors all lend themselves to celebrations. Even the luxury of a Sunday evening at home with family-and friends considered to be family-can be a cause for a feast. Through luscious signature recipes, stories and gorgeous photography, Farmer and friends show us what southern hospitality is all about.

A plate with a slice of broccoli Cheddar quiche.

Broccoli Cheddar Quiche

“As perfect as perfect can be.” And “A pretty killer combination of broccoli and Cheddar.” That’s what folks are saying about this quiche recipe. We think you’ll agree.

A silver bowl filled with ambrosia salad with a bone-handle knife beside the bowl.


Ah, ambrosia. Brings back memories, don’t it? Here’s a version that will make you forget all about the ambrosia of your childhood.