Recipes from Cook Italy

Cook Italy

The Caldesis spend time each year in Italy teaching. Over the years they’ve amassed a huge number of authentic recipes, plus a treasure trove of lesser-known regional recipes, from Venison with Cinnamon and Juniper from the Dolomites to Swordfish, Mint, Pine Nut, and Eggplant Penne from Sicily, and everything in between. Non-Italians rarely appreciate how richly diverse the country is. The 20 regions, from Liguria to Apulia, and Lombardy to Calabria have their own signature flavors and dishes shaped by the particular terrain and climate. With 12 chapters of masterclass techniques and over 425 recipes, this book includes it all.

The classic Italian dish: roast pork cooked in milk, maiale al latte, sliced on a cutting board.

Roast Pork in Milk ~ Maiale al Latte

There’s a reason this stroke of Italian brilliance, which infuses a relatively cheap cut of pork with a subtle milky sweetness, is a classic. One taste and you’ll be thanking us.

Three glass jars partially filled with pesto Genovese.

Pesto Genovese

A spoon-it-straight-from-the-jar-and-slather-it-on-everything sauce with the taste of tradition, the seduction of sophistication.