Recipes from Eat Ate

Eat Ate

Eat Ate is a gorgeous book about everyone’s favorite food: Italian. With more than 70 recipes, from Rosa’s Almond Biscotti to creamy Roast Pumpkin and Asparagus Lasagne, this delightful cookbook/memoir explores the observation what you are is what you eat. The unique format features family snapshots, artwork by the author and inserts that mimic love letters and journal entries. Author Guy Mirabella chef, painter, teacher shares the luscious details of growing up Italian in Australia, developing his bountiful love of food and lust for life. Simple, fresh, and seasonal ingredients are on the table in this vivid and personal exploration of Italian cuisine.

Two pieces of almond biscotti on a stack of plates with a glass of coffee

Almond Biscotti

We find these unabashedly unconventional biscotti bewitching beyond belief. Different form. Same function. Far less fuss.

A whole herb stuffed baked salmon filled with bread crumbs and herbs and tied with kitchen twine.

Herb-Stuffed Baked Salmon

A stupendously simple yet superlatively stunning salmon recipe that requires no swimming upstream, we promise.

A white plate filled with baked mushrooms, broken bread, and two glasses of red wine in the background.

Baked Mushrooms, Broken Bread

An effortless, elegant side that takes inspiration from two enduring entertaining icons: the stuffed mushroom and Thanksgiving stuffing.