Recipes from Now & Again

Now & Again Cookbook

In Now & Again, Julia Turshin offers up more than 125 delicious and doable recipes and 20 creative menu ideas that help cooks of any skill level to gather friends and family around the table to share a meal (or many!) together. This cookbook comes to life with Julia’s funny and encouraging voice and is brimming with good stuff. Now & Again will change the way we gather, eat, and think about leftovers, and, as the name suggests, you’ll find yourself reaching for its pages time and time again.

A red Le Creuset pot filled with red wine onions, that have been slowly cooked together.

Red Wine Onions

Meet your newest weeknight staple for when you want something a little special and impressive. Slightly sweet, deeply flavored, caramelized red onions doused with red wine.

White and blue plate with sliced roast turkey breast with herbed stuffing and gravy.

Roast Turkey Breast

When you have more white meat lovers at Thanksgiving than you have white meat, this recipe is your answer. Guaranteed to be succulent, memorable, and done in 1 1/2 hours.