Recipes from Super Easy Sweets

Super Easy Sweets Cookbook

Super Easy Sweets features sixty-nine simple recipes for every kind of dessert—from new treats, like tangy Easy Mini Lemon Tarts and creamy Frozen Tiramisu, to must-know baking classics, like fudgy Brownies and jammy Country Fruit Galettes. Each recipe features photographs of the ingredients you’ll need so you can visualize your shopping list and preparation all at once. Whether you’re looking for a party treat or just have a hankering for something sweet, you’ll find a super easy dessert for any occasion.

Two slices of French toast, fried until golden and drizzled with maple syrup.

French Toast ~ Pain Perdu

This recipe gets it right with just the right amount of (indulgent) richness. Our go-to weekend breakfast for a leisurely, luxurious meal.