Recipes from The Perfect Ingredient

The Perfect Ingredient

What sets Bryn Williams apart from his contemporaries is his passionate connection to the land. He is a successful modern chef who never lost touch with his roots. Hailing from North Wales, Bryn learnt to appreciate food and its origins from an early age, shooting and fishing with his father and uncle, and digging up potatoes for dinner. In Bryn’s world the ingredient is the star. The Perfect Ingredient is broken down into 20 chapters, each featuring a favorite ingredient, which Bryn then gives the home cook five different ways to prepare it – from simple to challenging. Among Bryn’s mouth-watering transformations are Pan-fried Porcinis, Bacon and Duck Egg, Marjoram Gnocchi, Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Chickpeas, Apple Sorbet, Fig Marmalade and Buttermilk Pannacotta with Poached Rhubarb & Ginger.

A rimmed baking sheet with fish in parchment and a fish spatula resting beside it.

Fish in Parchment

Drama. Intrigue. Aroma. Ease. These, too, can be part of your weeknight routine with this simple, surprising tactic to cooking fish.

A pile of fancy fish sticks on a piece of parchment with a dollop of ketchup beside them.

Fancy Fish Sticks

We believe in feeding kids real foods. But when you think about it, how much more real does it get than fish and bread crumbs?