Recipes from The Vermont Country Store Cookbook

The Vermont Country Store Cookbook

The Vermont Country Store Cookbook captures both the essence of the iconic store and the soul of the Vermont way of life: a self-reliant, rich life in the slow lane. Through recipes, yarns, archival photos, and sumptuous visuals, it tells the story of five generations of Orton storekeepers, while featuring fresh-from-the-farm cooking that imbues the cuisine of the present with the best of the past. Approximately 120 updated and original family recipes evoke memories, conveying all the hominess of the catalogue, but also appeal to the modern tastes of contemporary cooks. The book also features sidebars of Vermont history and more than 200 photographs, both black-and-white archival and four-color photographs, the latter taken especially for the book.

A glazed ham with maple and mustard on a wooden cutting board.

Glazed Ham with Mustard

This simple glazed ham has got a sweet and spicy thing going on that’s simultaneously subtle and super impressive.

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A small jar of pickled watermelon rind on a mesh rack with a spoon resting on the jar lid beside the jar.

Pickled Watermelon Rind

Pickled watermelon rinds. They’re a Southern classic that are sweet and tangy and oh so enticing. Tasting is believing. Here’s how to make them.

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