About Charity Ferreira

Charity Ferreira

Charity Ferreira is the the former pastry chef of San Francisco’s celebrated Greens restaurant. Her food, travel, and lifestyle articles have appeared in numerous publications, including The Los Angeles TimesGourmetBon AppetitCooking LightYoga Journal, and O, the Oprah Magazine. She’s also the author of nearly half a dozen cookbooks, including her most recent title, Perfect Pops. Ferreira lives in Oakland, CA. @charityferreira

Three striped juice pops stacked on top of each other.

Striped Juice Pops

Magnificently sweet, outrageously vibrant, unconscionably healthful, and altogether lovely. That’s what we think of these juice pops. Dare you to guess the ingredients.

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Four Mexican chocolate pops, each in a separate bowl on a plate filled with ice cubes.

Mexican Chocolate Pops

A little something dark and decadent to swoon over on a sultry summer afternoon. A little cinnamon- and cayenne-laced chocolate and cream never hurt anyone…

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A white plate with three pieces of spicy pepita brittle on it

Spicy Pepita Brittle

When we think of brittle, we tend to think of a wallflower-like candy. We couldn’t be more wrong.

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Strips of chocolate dipped candied orange peel on a white surface.

Chocolate-Dipped Candied Citrus Peel

A bittersweet little something to set out after even the swankiest of dinner parties, these candied citrus strips smothered in chocolate boast a velvety zing.

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