About Ching-He Huang

Ching He-Huang is a London-based, Taiwan-born food writer and TV host known as “Ching.” She’s well-known for her popular TV series, Chinese Food Made Easy, as well as Easy Chinese, and Easy Chinese: San Francisco, which air on the Cooking Channel. She is also the author of seven cookbooks and the owner of two food businesses, Fuge Ltd. and Tzu. @chinghehuang

The components for Peking mushroom pancakes in individual dishes on a table.

Peking Mushroom Pancakes

Usually considered restaurant fare, these vegetarian Peking Mushroom Pancakes are a cinch to make at home. Without any reservations.

Three chocolate sesame balls in a colorful dish, with one broken open to show the melted chocolate inside.

Chocolate Sesame Balls

A sweet, gluten-free rice flour dough makes a snug casing for dark chocolate molded into a ball shape. The balls are coated in sesame seeds and then deep-fried.