About Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone is a chef, author, and TV personality who has enjoyed sharing his passion for cooking with fans all over the world, from the US to his native Australia. He has written multiple books, including Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone, and developed Kitchen Solutions, a line of culinary products to help improve the home cook’s experience. Stone lives in Los Angeles with his family. @curtisstone

A teapot, a collection of glasses, three partially filled with mint tea, and a vase of flowers on a silver tray.

Mint Tea

Learn firsthand the virtues of tea made from fresh mint versus a teabag—and yes, said virtues include ease and simplicity.

A tall bottle and several small jars filled with strawberry punch and ice cubes.

Strawberry Punch

A summer party essential. You just may not have realized this yet. One sip and you’ll understand. (It’s nonalcoholic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to fix that.)

Sunday Berry Almond Pastries

Puff Pastry Turnovers

Say so long to sad, soggy, store-bought pastries. Hello, easy and irresistibly flaky pastries oozing with summer fruit awesomeness.