About Daniel Holzman | Michael Chernow

Daniel Holzman | Michael Chernow

Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow are the owners of The Meatball Shop in New York City. Holzman is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and the former chef of San Francisco’s SPQR, and Chernow graduated from the French Culinary Institute with a degree in culinary arts and restaurant management. The Meatball Shop Cookbook is their first book. @chefholzman @michaelchernow

Two ground chicken meatballs on slider buns with a toothpick skewered through them.

Ground Chicken Meatballs

These subtly flavored, relatively healthful (shhhh!) sliders are the sleeper hit at The Meatball Shop. Not hard to understand why.

Three classic beef meatballs piled on pasta in a white and green bowl an finished with Parmesan.

Classic Beef Meatballs

Know that little ditty about how some poor hungry soul’s meatballs were lost when somebody sneezed? It always makes us sad.