About David Muniz | David Lesniak

Business and life partners David Muniz and David Lesniak own and operate the award-winning American bake shop and cafe, Outsider Tart, in London’s Chiswick. They moved from the United States to live and work in the UK only to discover that good, wholesome, homemade cupcakes, sweet pies and fresh tarts were hard to come by. So they set about turning a favorite hobby into a new culinary enterprise devoted to all things sweet and yummy. The Davids are self taught, using original American recipes that have been handed down through their families. Outsider Tart was named a 2010 cultural hotspot by the Observer and voted Cafe/Fast Food Outlet of the Year at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2010. @outsidertart

Six Alabama muffin biscuits in a muffin tin.

Alabama Muffin Biscuits

These curiously named, easy peasy, shamelessly simple meldings of biscuit and muffins may make you swear off roll-out biscuits for good.

Piece of Cake cookbook cover

Goober Bars

Feel like a kid again as you swoon to these peanut butter blondies slicked with a layer of jam smack in the middle.