About Deanna F. Cook

Deanna F. Cook has written dozens of books for kids, including her most recent title, Cooking Class. She’s also the content director at Kidstir and an acquisitions editor for children’s books at Storey. She previously served as the creative development director at FamilyFun and has been an editor at Scholastic and Disney. Cook lives in western Massachusetts with her family. @deannafcookbooks

A glass spice jar filled with cinnamon sugar, lying on its side with some cinnamon sugar poured out.

How to Make Cinnamon Sugar

Yes, a recipe for cinnamon sugar. Because ‪‎so often life leaves us wanting to be a kid again. And this proportion of cinnamon to sugar is the bomb.

A brown paper bag with popped microwave popcorn spilling out of it.

How to Make Microwave Popcorn

Yes, you can make microwave popcorn on your own with just a brown paper bag. No artificial colors. No fake butter. No nasty preservatives. Bring on your next Netflix binge!