How to Make Cinnamon Sugar

How to make cinnamon sugar gives you the exact perfect proportion of spice to sweet to create instant magic. Use it generously as a topping on buttered toast, pretzels, sugar cookies, popcorn, flour tortillas…

A glass spice jar filled with cinnamon sugar, lying on its side with some cinnamon sugar poured out.

Cinnamon sugar may not seem like something for which you need to defer to a recipe. And yet the secret to ensuring this simple childhood sweet is something superlative and not just something ho hum lies in the perfect proportion of cinnamon to sugar. You’ll find exactly that in this recipe.–Renee Schettler

How To Make Cinnamon Sugar

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Special Equipment: Spice jar, preferably with a sprinkle lid



Measure the sugar and cinnamon into a bowl.

Use a spoon or mini whisk to mix it together.

That’s it. Use the cinnamon sugar immediately or store it in a spice jar and, if you’re the forgetful type, make and slap a label on the jar reminding you of its contents. Originally published April 11, 2016.

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    How To Use Cinnamon Sugar

    • Now that you have a stash of cinnamon sugar at the ready, how do you use it beyond sprinkling it on buttered toast (or simply shaking a little onto your palm and licking it off)? The options are ridiculously plentiful. Take a look at our recipe testers’ comments, which can be found beneath the recipe, or glance at the inspirations below. and you’ll be exposed to literally dozens of creative approaches to bringing a little more sweetness into everyday life…

      Lavished on buttered toast
      Stirred into oatmeal or breakfast quinoa
      Dumped onto sliced apples, grapefruit halves, papaya wedges, just about any fruit
      Dusted on graham crackers
      Tossed with popcorn
      Stirred into rice pudding
      Heaped on flour tortillas spread with butter and then folded
      Spread on crêpes
      Heaped on roasted butternut or acorn squash
      Showered on applesauce
      Sprinkled on homemade soft pretzels
      Tossed with freshly roasted almonds, walnuts, or pumpkin seeds
      Passed on the side for waffles or pancakes
      Stirred into butter
      Rolled onto blobs of cookie dough before baking
      Sautéed with apple slices in butter to top a Dutch baby pancake or waffles or ice cream
      Sprinkled on yogurt or fresh ricotta
      And more. So, so much more!

    Recipe Testers' Reviews

    Anyone can toss cinnamon and sugar together and have cinnamon sugar. But it's certainly nice to have an idea in the back of your head as to the best ratio of cinnamon to sugar—and this is it. Perfectly balanced sweetness allows the cinnamon to play the star role here.

    I loved it mixed into softened butter, spread on toasted bread, and then placed under the broiler for a minute for great cinnamon toast. I also stirred it into oatmeal, unsweetened cereal, applesauce, and Greek yogurt. I sprinkled it over popcorn, grapefruit, even graham crackers spread with peanut butter. I tossed it with green apple slices. All with delicious results. If it were fall, I would use it to rim glasses and then pour in pumpkin beer, which is definitely a favorite of mine in the cooler months.

    As the recipe suggests, it's a good idea to keep some on hand. This way, when the opportunity presents itself, you can turn your snacks and treats into something a bit more special.

    Super simple and great to have on hand. I found that 2 tablespoons cinnamon to 1/2 cup sugar made for a fairly strong cinnamon taste, which I love. Some may prefer it a little milder, so I'd suggest starting with somewhat less cinnamon and add more to taste.

    You can also simply put the ingredients in a jar and shake. I put it in my tea and coffee and I use it in cakes and other sweets.


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    1. This is a great mixture of spices that is perfect to throw into every day recipes for added sweetness.

    2. Thanks! Really yummy on anything with butter. Don’t judge it by tasting it alone though; it must be tasted in the finished dish. Plus, the flavor will always vary because of the different intensities of cinnamon available. I grew up with a milder version my mom would make but actually like this better. Who knows if it’s because of the proportion or the cinnamon? Also, stir longer than you think to ensure an even blend. Now I’m ready for your maple sugar recipe . . .

      1. Ellen, you make excellent points about the tasting and the types of cinnamon, many kind thanks for the reminders! Greatly appreciate that. I actually just added those cautions to the recipe. Happy sprinkling! And kindly let us know when you give the maple sugar recipe a go…!

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