About Elisabetta Minervini

Elisabetta Minervini

Elisabetta Minervini was born in a medieval town in Puglia, which is situated in southern Italy. She lives in Richmond, London, with her husband, Alessandro, and their children. Mammissima is her first book. @elixminervini

A white bowl filled with brodo di pollo on a wooden surface with a fork and spoon beside the bowl.

Brodo di Pollo | Italian Chicken Soup

Brodo di pollo is, in essence, Italian chicken soup. And it’s perhaps the most comforting sort of chicken noodle soup anywhere. Just ask any Italian. Made by nonnas everywhere.

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Salt-Baked Fish

Salt Baked Fish

This salt crusted fish technique consistently results in the moistest, flakiest, most flavorful fish imaginable. Incredibly simple to throw together. Virtually impossible to overcook.

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