About Harriet Hastings | Sarah Moore

Harriet Hastings is the co-founder of Biscuiteers, a cookie company specializing in handmade iced biscuits, and the co-director of London catering company Lettice. The former creative director of Biscuiteers, Sarah Moore is an interior and homewares designer and writer. The Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits is their first cookbook together and their attempt to demystify cookie baking and decorating techniques. @biscuiteersltd

A Christmas tree made of decorated cookies.

Christmas Tree of Cookies

Holiday diet tactic #142: This stunning cookie tree. Because it sorta makes it harder to demolish a half batch of cookies when doing so would demolish the Christmas tree.

Royal icing being piped onto a cookie by a young girl being helped by her mother, surrounded by jars of sprinkles, cookie cutters, and wooden spoons.

Royal Icing

Whether your knack for cookie-decorating leans toward fancy schmancy or basic buttons on gingerbread people, you need a foolproof royal icing. Look no more.

A selection of frosted cookies decorated for Hanukkah, on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.

Hanukkah Cookies

These spectacularly decorated cookie creations can be yours with your favorite roll-out cookie recipe, our royal icing, and our handy how-tos. Swear it’s so much simpler than it looks.