About Jenni Hulet

Jenni Hulet’s life changed dramatically over the course of a two-week period. The mother, yoga teacher and chef faced chronic pain and was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition which required major dietary changes. Hulet develops gluten-free, paleo recipes and chronicles her efforts to connect with others with food sensitivities at The Urban Poser. My Paleo Patisserie is her first book. @theurbanposer

A paleo vanilla cake stacked between two chocolate cakes on a wire rack.

Paleo Vanilla Cake

Say “paleo cake” and most folks think of dense, crumbly, disappointing approximations of cake. Not this lovely incarnation with its lofty stature. Includes a chocolate variation.

Paleo Vanilla CakeA stack of 3 cakes, 2 paleo chocolate and one vanilla with another chocolate cake in front

Paleo Chocolate Cake

This paleo chocolate cake also happens to be gluten-free and, even more importantly, it tastes magnificent enough to rival any other chocolate cake, birthday or otherwise. Go ahead. Taste it and see.