About Marc Grossman

Marc Grossman

Marc Grossman grew up in Manhattan but now resides in Paris with his wife and children and runs the organic food joints Bob’s Juice Bar and Bob’s Kitchen. He’s also the author of nearly half a dozen cookbooks, including his most recent title, New York Cult Recipes. @bobsjuicebar

A classic grilled cheese sandwich--buttered grilled bread and oozing Cheddar cheese

Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Just as cheesy and comforting as it was when you were six years old. And who couldn’t benefit from feeling like you’re six again and all is right with the world?

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A loaf of braided challah bread on a baking sheet with a serrated knife

Challah Bread

Rich, slightly sweet, and chewy in a good way, this stunner of a loaf is New York’s answer to France’s brioche.

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