About Maria Zihammou

Maria Zihammou is a Swedish food journalist, food stylist, and cookbook author. She grew up cooking alongside her Moroccan father and Norwegian grandmother in Amal, Dalsland. She now lives on the west coast of Sweden, in Gothenburg, and develops recipes and contributes to various national outlets. French Bistro is her first cookbook.@matmariaz

A black skillet containing a cheese omelet, topped with chives and Gruyere.

Cheese Omelet

A magnificently indulgent omelet for two that’s exactly what you make when you’re feeling like reveling in something simple yet still sophisticated and is perfect at any time of day.

A bowl filled with baby greens on a white linen napkin. Part of a goat cheese crostini is on the edge of the bowl and the other part on the napkin

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

Baguette slathered with goat cheese and baked to toasty perfection with a can’t-mess-it-up vinaigrette and salad. Easy peasy.

A patterned plate topped with a Moroccan salad made with sliced oranges and tomatoes, black olives, and sliced red onion.

Moroccan Salad

Acidity. Saltiness. Sharpness. Herbaciousness. This North African salad is where all these elements collide to quite lovely effect.