About Martha Hall Foose

Martha Hall Foose

Martha Hall Foose is the James Beard award-winning author of the best-selling cookbooks Screen Doors and Sweet Tea and A Southerly Course: Recipes & Stories From Close to Home. Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, she attended the famed pastry school École Lenôtre in France. She returned to Mississippi and opened Bottletree Bakery in Oxford, and, later, Mockingbird Bakery in Greenwood, both of which have become Southern institutions. @marthafoose

Inside-Out Sweet Potatoes

Inside-Out Sweet Potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes are slathered over marshmallows, coated in crushed corn flakes, and deep-fried until crisp. Talk about something to be thankful for!

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Sweet Tea

Southern Sweet Tea

Nothing slakes thirst, quells worries, and comes together with ease quite like Southern sweet tea.

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A spider spoon with a fried summer squash in it being set onto a cooling rack.

Summer Squash Fritters

Part hush puppy, part fritter, and lovely through and through, these little blobs of cornmeal batter and summer squash blossom like sunflowers as they fry.

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