About Patricia Helding

Patricia Helding is the owner of New York City’s Fat Witch Bakery, where she turns out more than 2,000 bewitchingly sweet treats a day. She has appeared on TV programs featured on The Food Network and MTV, and her work has appeared in several national publications. Faraway brownie cravings can be indulged by mail order or via Helding’s book, Fat Witch Brownies. @fatwitchbakery

Cinnamon toast bars on a baking sheet with two slices on the side.

Cinnamon Toast Bars

Just like cinnamon toast. Except better. Your kids will worship you. So will your inner kid.

Stack of four Congo bars made of coconut, chocolate, graham crackers, each on a square of paper

Congo Bars

Better known as seven layer bars, this bewitching stack of graham cracker crumbs, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate, coconut, and nuts just may exceed your childhood memories.

A square white platter with fruitcake brownies--filled with dried fruit, chocolate, and rum

Fruitcake Brownies

Fruitcake brownies? Yup. But not those lurid dried fruits of your childhood. Think dried figs, cranberries, cherries made tipsy with rum or brandy and baked into a brownie pan. Ridiculously inventive.