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Sara Kate Gillingham and Faye Durand

Sara Kate Gillingham is a food writer based in New York City and the founding editor of Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn, a cooking website and online community that began in 2005. She’s also the author of Good Food to Share and The Greyston Bakery Cookbook. Faith Durand is the executive editor of The Kitchn and the author of Bakeless Sweets and Not Your Mother’s Casseroles. An avid home cook, gardener, and lover of dinner parties, she lives in Columbus, OH, with her husband. @skgillingham @faithdurand

Apricot Galette

Apricot Galette

This perfectly imperfect galette is unspeakably easier to make than pie. And yet to guests its equally impressive. Do the math.

  • 45 M
  • 2 H
  • 2
Seven scoops of vegan banana ice cream with some small spoons tucked underneath.

Vegan Banana “Ice Cream”

This easy, cheap, weird, and truly magical one-ingredient vegan ice cream calls for nothing but bananas and your food processor. Oh, and a spoon.

  • 10 M
  • 10 M
  • 12