About Steve Sando

Steve Sando

Steve Sando is the founder of Rancho Gordo, a producer of heirloom beans in Napa Valley, CA. Although beans are an indigenous product of the Americas, the only ones available commercially were pintos, navies, and kidneys. A frustrated home cook, Sando decided to grow the ingredients he wanted in the kitchen. He now produces more than 25 varieties in California and works with small indigenous farmers in Mexico to import their heirloom beans. He’s also been featured in Saveur, Food & Wine, and Bon AppétitHeirloom Beans is his first cookbook. @rancho_gordo

A brown bowl half-filled with senate bean soup with a spoon resting inside the bowl.

Senate Bean Soup

A winter classic made with navy beans, a ham hock, and a handful of pantry ingredients that somehow meld together into a sum that’s far, far superlative to its parts.