About Susie Cover

Susie Cover

Susie Cover is the founder of Susie’s Supper Club, a prepared-foods delivery service known for kid- and adult-friendly dishes made from organic, locally grown ingredients. A mother of two as well as a former caterer and private chef, she’s adept at making grown-up recipes appealing to children. The Supper Club is her first coo. @susiessupper

A piece of cooked miso cod in a stainless steel skillet that is resting on a white board next to an orange napkin.

Miso Cod

This five-ingredient fix, a restaurant classic as well as a simple weeknight supper, will have you practicing your acceptance speech.

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A whole roast chicken in a roasting pan with halved citrus fruits around it

Roast Chicken with Citrus

The words “orange chicken” used to make us think of gloppy Chinese takeout—until we tried this orange chicken.

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White plate filled with orange, purple, and yellow candied carrots

Candied Carrots

Sometimes carrots aren’t quite as sweet as we’d like them to be. This kid-tested tactic takes care of that occasional oops on the part of Mother Nature.

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