Terri L., Recipe Tester

A list of all the recipes Terri L. has tested.

Terri Lyons

Terri recalls her first food memory from the age of six, helping her babysitter make her favorite dish, Kraft Dinner. Family meals during her early years were not great culinary experiences (pre-packaged meals, 12-hour roasts with frozen pre-chopped onions, canned potatoes, and carrots, etc.). It was not until she moved into her first apartment that Terri’s food journey truly began. It was then that she fell in love with fresh produce and discovered that cooking (both the act and the result) could be a pleasure rather than a chore.  Discovering cookbooks could reveal many secrets and so her collection began. Many books have been lost during numerous moves but it has been growing again, albeit with a greater degree of selectivity. Terri now thoroughly enjoys trying new recipes and has acquired a taste for an eclectic range of foods and cooking techniques.

A muffin tin filled with 12 baked egg and toast cups

Baked Egg and Toast Cups

There’s no excuse for skipping breakfast with these convenient egg and toast cups that combine eggs, cheese, and toast into a handheld bite.

A Kentucky butter cake on a white plate with a slice cut from it on a plate in the background

Kentucky Butter Cake

This sweet, buttery Southern pound cake is infused with rum extract and topped with a buttery vanilla sauce. Thankfully, it makes a big cake because it’s nearly impossible to stop after just one slice.

An easy skillet pizza for kids in the pan being held by a woman's hands

Easy Skillet Pizza for Kids

Not only is this simple cheese and tomato pizza guaranteed to please everyone at the table, it’s easy enough that your kids can make it.

A mason jar with tomato crisps spilling out

Tomato Crisps

Got some less-than-stellar winter grape tomatoes to use up? Or even a glut of summer ones? These easy tomato crisps are our new favorite snack.

A baking pan filled with baklava granola

Baklava Granola

Like baklava, this baklava granola is filled with nuts, honey, cinnamon, and spices. Imagine, baklava for breakfast!

Chocolate peanut butter cookies in a stack, the top one broken in half, on a white background.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Tender chocolate cookies that have a little secret, in the form of a creamy peanut butter filling. It might seem like magic but it’s actually pretty easy.