Recipes from Coffee Love

Coffee Love by Daniel Young

For coffee lovers, this is a dream book with 50 recipes from around the world, plus evocative text about the love of coffee, cafes, and coffee bars, with a beautiful four-color package and impulse-purchase price. This cookbook is a 4 color recipe and lifestyle photos throughout, including photos of coffeehouses and coffee culture from around the world.

A cup of cappuccino on a saucer with milk being poured into it.

How To Make Cappuccino

Simple, classic Italian coffee fare. Nothing is quite as satisfying as a good cup of cappuccino first thing in the morning. And second thing. And third…

Two tall glasses filled with Greek-style frappe, with colorful straws standing up in them.

Greek-Style Frappe

This frothy Greek frappe can be shaken together in just a couple minutes from coffee, sugar, and milk. No blender required.