Recipes from Good Enough

Good Enough Cookbook

A generous mix of essays, stories and nearly 100 dazzling recipes, Good Enough is about self-compassion, and knowing it’s OK to have a cheese plate for dinner. About the practice of gratitude, and ten breakfasts to start your morning right, like Creamy Hands-Off Scrambled Eggs. About cooking as self-care, and healing your spirit with a comforting Salmon Dinner Pie. About overcoming barriers like social anxiety, and embracing entertaining with Smoky Honey Shrimp Tacos with Spicy Fennel Slaw. About knowing it’s hard but you’re completely worth it—and indulging yourself with My Spicy Umami Noodles. About giving yourself permission to feel great—so go ahead, have another Sticky Toffee Cookie. There are no judgments here. And ultimately, it’s about embracing the joy of imperfection to find peace and happiness in and out of the kitchen. Because good enough is great.

A baking pan filled with baklava granola

Baklava Granola

Like baklava, this baklava granola is filled with nuts, honey, cinnamon, and spices. Imagine, baklava for breakfast!