Recipes from The Italian Cooking Course

The Italian Cooking Course Cookbook

As any fan of Italian cuisine will know, each region within Italy is fiercely proud of its unique recipes and cooking techniques. From Tuscany’s signature Ribollita to the delicious Sicilian Sarde alla
Beccafico, popular dishes have been shaped by centuries of tradition and define local identity, from the sun-drenched Mediterranean south to the land-locked, mountainous regions in the north. It is these local particularities and preferences – each evocative of people and place – that make Italian cuisine so rich and fascinating, and Katie Caldesi has captured all its variety in this beautiful and comprehensive book. Her 40 masterclasses on cooking techniques—such as making your own tortellini, baking bread and pizza, and preparing Tuscan sausages—include secret tips that have been handed down through generations and are interwoven with fascinating stories on the local traditions. With several hundred recipes from all 20 Italian regions, including chapters on Pasta, Meat, Fish, Dolci, and Cheese, and featuring stunning travel photography, this is the definitive guide to discovering and cooking Italy’s many gastronomic treasures.

Three stuffed portobello mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms

A contemporary take on a ’70s classic, these stuffed ‘shrooms have an undeniable appeal—everyone’s fave dinner party nosh.