About Annie Bell

Annie Bell

Annie Bell is a UK-based chef and food writer known for her simple yet stunning recipes. Bell began writing for Vogue in the early 1990s and currently writes for YOU Magazine and The Independent. She is the author of 13 cookbooks, including The Camping Cookbook. @anniebellcook

A white plate topped with classic madeleines.

French Madeleines

Who knew these buttery, airy, delicate little cakes were so simple to make…and so irresistibly delicious?! (Well, Proust, for one…)

An open foil packet on the grill filled with grilled apricots with gooey nougat in the center.

Grilled Apricots with Gooey Nougat

If you’re a fool for sweet nougat and can’t get enough lovely nectarines in season, just wait until you try them in tandem, warm and fragrant from the grill.