About Chad Robertson

Chad Robertson

If you find yourself on Guerrero St. in San Francisco and see a long line, then you've also found Tartine, the bakery that Chad Robertson owns with his wife, Elisabeth Prueitt. Robertson trained at the Culinary Institute of America and then traveled and trained in France before returning to the states and creating the breads and pastries that folks in San Francisco regularly stand in line for. He's also the co-author of Tartine and Tartine Bread.

Tomatoes Provencal Recipe

Tomatoes Provençal

Is there anything as sweetly satisfying as heirloom tomatoes eaten raw over the sink? Probably not. But when you tire of that, there’s always this deeply satiating tactic.

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Escalivada Bread Salad Recipe

Catalan Bread Salad | Escalivada

We wish someone had told us about this uncommon take on bread salad, which embellishes the usual suspects with figs and walnuts, a heck of a lot earlier.

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