About Felicia Campbell

Felicia Campbell

Felicia Campbell began her adult life as a 17-year-old private in the United States Army, deploying to Iraq as a member of the initial invasion in 2003. Her experiences there transformed her perspective on the world. She fell in love with the Iraqi people and the warmth and hospitality of Middle Eastern culture over steaming cups of tea and plates of grilled chicken, inspiring a lifelong passion for food as an essential human pleasure that can open the door for intimate connections, even under the most dire circumstances. She’s spent the last decade exploring these themes, earning a master’s degree in food studies with a focus on Middle Eastern culture from New York University and sharing stories from the region as a writer and staff editor at Saveur and as a freelance journalist. She now lives in Muscat, where she’s the executive features editor at the Times of Oman. @hungryfi

A person holding a glass mug of cinnamon tea on a white plate.

Cinnamon Tea

Sorta amazing what loveliness can be wrought from just a stick of cinnamon and some hot water. So simple. So soothing.

Three pieces of mkate wa ufuta (Zanzibar sesame bread) with some sesame seeds sprinkled around it.

Zanzibar Sesame Bread ~ Mkate Wa Ufuta

We know what you’re thinking. Mkate what?! Yet once you try this unique and chewy, toasty, nutty, densely magnificent sesame flatbread from Zanzibar, you’ll be crooning about it to everyone who’ll listen.

Spiced Sweet Milk Tea

Spiced Milk Tea

This classic spiced milk tea is made with chai spices and—are you ready?!—sweetened condensed milk. It’s ridiculously lovely.