About Jonathan King | Jim Stott | Kathy Gunst

Jonathan King and Jim Stott are the founders and owners of the specialty food company Stonewall Kitchen. They started out selling homemade preserves at their local farmers’ market in 1991, and their products are now available in gourmet shops across the country. Kathy Gunst is a James Beard award-winning food writer and the author of more than a dozen cookbooks. She lives in South Berwick, ME. Together, they’re the co-authors of Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast and Stonewall Kitchen Favorites. @stonewallkitchen @kathygunst

A white rectangular dish filled with herbed bread and celery stuffing with a fork and spoon next to it on a napkin.

Herbed Bread and Celery Stuffing

A classic. Bread stuffing filled with celery, onion, thyme, basil, and parsley that’s synonymous with Thanksgiving (though honestly, it’s equally welcome any time with roast chicken).