About Keith McNally

Keith McNally

Keith McNally was born in London but has lived in New York City since 1975, working as a busboy, oyster-shucker, waiter, maitre d’, manager, and, finally, owner. He followed up the opening of his first restaurant, The Odeon, in 1980, with eight more by 2007, including the celebrated Balthazar and Pastis. McNally cowrote The Balthazar Cookbook with chefs Riad Nasar and Lee Hanson and lives in the West Village with his wife, Alina, and their children. @balthazarny

Two whole chickens and whole garlic heads in a cast iron pan

Skillet Roast Chicken

This sassy roast chicken gets its moist meat and ultra-crisp skin from the two-step process of searing it in a skillet then sliding the whole thing in the oven. Simplicity.

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Sole a La Meunière

Sole à la Meunière

Classic bistro cooking at its best, sole meuniere maintains a balance between nutty brown butter and the lilt of lemon. A simple dish with a complex taste.

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An individual gratin dish filled with macaroni gratin with a fork resting on top.

Macaroni Gratin

This diminutive mac n cheese arrives in teensy dishes at hoity-toity Balthazar, though it creates no less a sensation when scooped straight from a big old baking dish unceremoniously plonked in the center of the kitchen table.

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Profiteroles make a rich, elegant dessert. Light puff pastry is filled with vanilla bean ice cream and melted chocolate sauce is drizzled over top.

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