About Linda J. Amendt

Linda J. Amendt

Linda J. Amendt is the author of nearly half a dozen cookbooks, including her most recent title, Blue Ribbon Canning. She’s not kidding about those blue ribbons—she’s won more than 700 of them at state- and county-fair food competitions and baking contests across the country. She’s also a two-time Top Preserved Foods Competitor in the U.S. and multiple Baked Foods Sweepstakes winner and serves as a judge for food contests at state and county fairs. Amendt was selected as a Lifetime Member of the Inaugural Class of the Sure-Jell Hall of Fame, which was established to honor the very best jam and jelly makers in the country. @lindajamendt

A jar and bowl of sweet pickle relish with three cucumbers lying beside them.

Sweet Pickle Relish

So long, Vlasic. Once you try your hand at making your own sweet relish, you can cross one more condiment off your shopping list.