About Mikkel Karstad

Mikkel Karstad

Mikkel Karstad, consultant chef and former culinary advisor to the NOMA team, is known for his modern and natural approach to food and cooking. He lives in Copenhagen with his wife and four kids. @mkarstad

Three plates, each with an easy cinnamon knot on it

Easy Cinnamon Knots

Soft buttery pastry, sweet cinnamon-y filling, and a burst of dried fruit. Now, THESE are the kind of knots we all need.

Rosemary buns with olive oil on a plate, all sprinkled with rosemary and sea salt.

Rosemary Buns with Olive Oil

Light and fluffy, with a gorgeous crust and a chewy interior, these buns are brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary and sea salt.