About Susan Russo

Susan Russo

Susan Russo is the creator of the popular food blog, Food Blogga (which is Rhode Island-ese for “food blogger”). She’s also a regular contributor to NPR.org and has written for Cooking Light and Edible San Diego. When she isn’t cooking or eating, Russo can be found hiking, searching for Mad Men dresses, drinking craft beer, or buying purple-colored produce at any of the 40 farmers’ markets in San Diego, CA. The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches is her most recent title. @Susan_Russo

Two slices of chocolate sandwich, made with toasted French bread, chocolate, and a sprinkling of salt on a wire rack.

Chocolate Sandwich

A proper dinner any night, this chocolate sandwich with a French accent is a far cry from Wonder bread and Hershey’s. Oooooh sooooo far.

Two open-faced sandwiches topped with turkey, white sauce, and two slices of bacon

Hot Brown Sandwich

An easy and iconic excuse to smother leftover turkey with bacon and a bubbling hot cheese sauce. Maybe Thanksgiving should come more than once a year.