About Tamasin Day-Lewis

Tamasin Day-Lewis

Tamasin Day-Lewis is an English chef, the daughter of poet laureate Cecil Day-Lewis, and the sister of the actor Daniel Day-Lewis. In addition to writing a weekly food column for The Daily Telegraph, she contributes to Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Food Illustrated. She’s also the author of nearly a dozen cookbooks, including The Art of the Tart and West of Ireland Summers.

Grilled Broccoli

Grilled Broccoli or Broccolini

Don’t care for broccoli? Just toss it on the grill. It’ll take on a beguilingly earthy, smoky quality that’s actually quite hard to resist.

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Blackberry Apple Brown Betty

Blackberry and Apple Brown Betty

We don’t know who this Betty person is, but her brown Betty recipe is just the sort of sassy, sweet-tart dessert that’s perfect for early autumn.

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