Emma Rudolph, Recipe Tester

A list of all the recipes Emma Rudolph has tested.

A loaf of bacon cornbread with a slice being removed, on a black plate

Bacon Cornbread

There’s cornbread. And then there’s cornbread enhanced with bacon, corn, and good ol’ bacon drippings. Just as God intended.

  • 35 M
  • 1 H, 30 M
  • 34
Beer-Braised Chicken with Root Vegetables

Beer Braised Chicken

Chicken is coaxed to tenderness in beer in this braised chicken with root vegetables. Simple to make, complex in taste, prepare for kudos.

  • 25 M
  • 1 H, 15 M
  • 21
A witch with a green face.

Halloween Hot Chocolate

Halloween hot chocolate is made, quite simply, with leftover Halloween candy and milk in a saucepan. Hey, at least you’re getting your dairy. And putting a dent in the Halloween stash.

  • Quick Glance
  • 5 M
  • 5 M
  • 8
Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burgers

We don’t even like veggie burgers. We swear. Well, except for this deliciously irresistible, soulfully satiating riff on mushroom and barley soup.

  • 20 M
  • 45 M
  • 11
Romesco Sauce

Romesco Sauce

Some consider this Catalan classic to be the great Spanish acquisition considering how it’s so very versatile (and vegetarian).

  • 20 M
  • 20 M
  • 19