Joan Hunter Mayer, Recipe Tester

A list of all the recipes Joan Hunter Mayer has tested.

Joan Hunter Mayer

Joan has been baking since she was a young kid. Being self-taught, (Mom didn’t bake–except for her traditional holiday pecan tassies), she always enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen. What started as baking and cooking new creations and giving them away, eventually led to entering local baking contests. Over the years, taking home a few blue ribbons continued to fuel the fire and passion to create. These days, Joan is a certified professional canine behavior consultant, inventor, and entrepreneur. Her unique educational background also includes fashion (a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she spent years in costuming for film and TV), nursing, and business. This combination of art and science, infused with caring and creativity is what Joan brings to her work and her joy of cooking, baking, and going on creative adventures in the kitchen!

Spicy Honey Lime Chicken

This easy-peasy marinated grilled chicken with sweet and spicy honey lime sauce is going to be on regular rotation at our dinner tables. We’re betting it will be at yours, too.

Sixteen date bars on a piece of parchment paper on a round oval tray.

Date Bars

These date bars are a classic for good reason. The combination of sweet, sticky date filling nestled between layers of buttery oat dough is completely irresistible.

Three easy marinated chicken skewers on a blue plate and a fourth one on top of a piece of flatbread.

Easy Marinated Chicken Skewers

These chicken skewers are a cinch to throw together. Whip up an easy marinade, let the chicken thighs soak up all that flavor, then grill or broil to tender perfection. Voila. Dinner.

A loaf of braided cinnamon bread drizzled with vanilla glaze resting on a wire rack.

Braided Cinnamon Bread

This Dutch oven braided loaf is swirled with cinnamon and topped with vanilla glaze and toasted pecans. It’s perfect anytime of the day, breakfast included.

An easy skillet pizza for kids in the pan being held by a woman's hands

Easy Skillet Pizza for Kids

Not only is this simple cheese and tomato pizza guaranteed to please everyone at the table, it’s easy enough that your kids can make it.