Lisa Amtower, Recipe Tester

A list of all the recipes Lisa Amtower has tested.

A lifelong horsewoman and fox hunter, Lisa has been playing in the kitchen since she could reach the counter and get in her mom’s way. Growing up, she eagerly awaited the monthly arrival of Gourmet magazine, and much experimentation ensued with each issue. Her sister was a close collaborator in those endeavors. Lisa loves to plan for the next dinner party, and Thanksgiving is her most favorite day of the year. Famously unfettered in the kitchen, Lisa admits that being a Leite’s Tester has brought new discipline to her cooking, and made her even more adventurous. She lives in upstate New York with horses, cats, a dog, and a husband.

Cranberry upside-down cake with a large piece missing, on a white plate with a serving knife beside it.

Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

Tart and buttery, with a touch of orange liqueur, this cake is a showstopper. And it’s actually easier than it looks. You’re welcome!

Schug in a pottery bowl, on a wooden plate with a spoon and garnished with cilantro.


A brightly herbal, spicy, garlicky condiment that brings spice to anything you might want to dip in it. Seriously, it goes on nearly everything.

A large bowl filled with jerk spiced lentils topped with cilantro and sliced green onions, flanked by a bowl of sliced red onions and another bowl of rice.

Jerk-Style Lentils

If you’re familiar with Caribbean food, you know how good jerk seasoning is. It adds a deeply spiced flavor to everything it touches and makes these lentils extraordinary.

A close-up of a tray of Macedonian spiced chicken with pieces of chicken and onion slices.

Macedonian Spiced Chicken

A handful of earthy, warm spices gives your standard, everyday roasted bird a whole new personality. There might not even be leftovers.

2 pieces of panko coated fish with chips and a slice of lemon, laying of a sheet of newspaper

Baked Fish and Chips

An incredibly easy recipe–because it was written with kids in mind–that delivers superb results, no matter what your kitchen skills are. Abracadabra!