Recipes from Food from My Heart

Food From My Heart

“Food From My Heart” is Zarela Martinez’s culinary autobiography in which she describes not only the foods of different times of her life but the way life was lived in Mexico then. She chronicles a way of life that she feels is mostly gone forever but that set her on her journey to success as a chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur and promoter of Mexican food and culture.

The book is peppered with stories, jokes and anecdotes about a most colorful and historically important family and the people she met along the way that brought her to New York and helped her achieve great success here.

Day of the Dead bread on a plate, 2 with sugar and 2 with white sesame seeds, beside a cup of Mexican hot chocolate and a sugar skull.

Day of the Dead Bread ~ Pan de Muerto

Mexican Day of the Dead is a sweet celebration of those who have gone before us as well as an enticement for them to come back for a day or two to celebrate with us.