Recipes from The Supper Club

The Supper Club

One-time caterer and private chef Susie Cover knows how to make adult recipes appealing to kids and how to make the most of family mealtime. If you’re looking for inspiration for meals the whole family will enjoy, The Supper Club is your go-to guide. Featuring more than 100 kid-friendly recipes with expert advice for busy parents, this solution-driven cookbook offers a modern approach to getting dinner on the table and ensures that it’s a meal the whole family will enjoy. A robust introduction will feature Susie, her family, and her cooking philosophy, including lifestyle photos. With tempting recipes and a fresh, modern design, this cookbook will appeal to every parent looking for inspiration on how to feed their whole family wholesome fare and bring back the desire to gather together around the table at mealtime.

A piece of cooked miso cod in a stainless steel skillet that is resting on a white board next to an orange napkin.

Miso Cod

This five-ingredient fix, a restaurant classic as well as a simple weeknight supper, will have you practicing your acceptance speech.

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A whole roast chicken in a roasting pan with halved citrus fruits around it

Roast Chicken with Citrus

The words “orange chicken” used to make us think of gloppy Chinese takeout—until we tried this orange chicken.

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White plate filled with orange, purple, and yellow candied carrots

Candied Carrots

Sometimes carrots aren’t quite as sweet as we’d like them to be. This kid-tested tactic takes care of that occasional oops on the part of Mother Nature.

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