About Christine Moore

Christine Moore

Christine Moore is a professionally trained pastry chef whose simple yet satiating cookies, pies, pastries, and more have drawn an incredibly dedicated following and have even prompted Pulitzer prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold to write, “When you eat Christine Moore’s food, you feel happy and well served by life.” Moore is the owner of Little Flower Candy Co. and the chef owner of Little Flower Café and Lincoln restaurant in Pasadena, California. @Little Flower

A lemon meringue pie topped with clouds of toasted meringue.

Lemon Meringue Pie

An almost-but-not-quite-classic rendition of lemon meringue pie that’s a lot less effort than you’d expect. And more payback than you can imagine in terms of its perfectly balanced sweetly tart lemon custard.

A baked plum crumble pie with a serving cut from it and a knife on the table beside it.

Plum Crumble Pie

It’s a pie! It’s a tart! It’s a crumble! This crumble pie with a pastry crust, a boozy and oozy plum filling, and a buttery, crunchy crumble topping is a mutant combo in the best possible way. Perfect for late-season stone fruits.