About Claudia Roden

Claudia Roden

London-based Claudia Roden is often called the food goddess of Middle Eastern food writing, and is regarded as an authority on Mediterranean, North African, and European cooking. She was born in Cairo, educated in Paris and London, and is admired the world over as a fine writer as well as a great cook. She has authored more than a dozen cookbooks, including The Food of Spain, and has been honored with both the James Beard Award and the Glenfiddich Award. @claudiaroden

One glass dish of orange flan on a lace tablecloth

Spanish Orange Flan

Made from just three ingredients, this classic flan is ridiculously easy to toss together. A tangy, rich, creamy coda to a luxe dinner or a simple brunch.

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Spanish Gazpacho

Spanish Gazpacho

Puree tomatoes, cukes, bell peppers, bread, vinegar, garlic, and olive oil until smooth, toss in the fridge until mind-numbingly cold, then slurp and sigh.

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Lamb kibbeh cut into wedges topped with caramelized onions and toasted pine nuts

Lamb Kibbeh with Onion and Pine Nuts

This baked kibbeh is an easier-to-make cousin of the work-intensive classic. The ground lamb base is crowned with a savory onion and pine nut topping.

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Plate of sauteed chicken breast on top of tomato pilaf, sumac served alongside

Chicken with Tomato Pilaf

Sauteed chicken chunks are nestled over rice pilaf speckled with fresh tomatoes and parsley. A wedge of lemon or sumac finishes the dish.

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