About Elisabeth Luard

Elisabeth Luard

Elisabeth Luard is a food writer, journalist, and broadcaster who specializes in the cuisines of Europe and Latin America. Her cookbook titles include A Cook's Year in a Welsh Farmhouse, European Peasant Cookery, The Latin American Kitchen, The Food of Spain and Portugal. Luard is also a contributor to Zester Daily and has served as a Trustee for the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery. She has written two novels and three memoirs.

Broa, Portuguese Corn Bread Recipe

Portuguese Corn Bread

Broa, or Portuguese cornbread, has a distinctive whitish crust, which cracks to reveal a golden-brown crumb. This is a toothsome, hearty bread.

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Portuguese Swordfish Kabobs Recipe

Portuguese Swordfish Kabobs

A Portuguese staple from the island of Madeira, swordfish marinated is a spiky oil of pepper, garlic, and oregano, are threaded on skewers and then grilled.

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