About Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson began working in restaurants at age 15. After training with chefs from Ottowa to San Francisco, Acheson opened several of his own restaurants in Atlanta and Athens, GA. Since then he’s authored a James Beard award-winning book, A New Turn in the South, and appeared as a contestant and judge on Bravo’s Top Chef and Top Chef Masters. He lives with his family in Athens.@hughacheson

A jar of the best kimchi with a spoon standing up inside it


Canadian by birth but Southerner by choice, chef Hugh Acheson makes a mean Korean kimchi. And just wait’ll you learn his ideas for using it.

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Three corked vials of homemade hot sauce

Homemade Hot Sauce

Hot peppers. Salt. Vinegar. And patience. That’s all you need to earn bragging rights as the maker of the best hot sauce ever.

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A glass canning jar filled with bread and butter pickles, with pickling liquid being poured over.

Bread and Butter Pickles

We’ve no idea where the saying “in a pickle” comes from, but we’d love to find ourselves in a jar of these subtly sweet specimens.

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An iron plate with a pile of sautéed romaine lettuce topped with toasted pine nuts

Sauteed Romaine

Sauteed romaine is a quick and healthy side dish that’s gonna upend your notions of what purpose romaine was meant to serve on this planet. Bye bye, salads.

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Lentil Soup with Kale

Lentil Soup with Kale

Easy and slow cooker friendly. Do we really need to say anything else?

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Three golden-brown pan-roasted pork chops

Pan-Roasted Pork Chops

Perfect. The best brine I’ve ever had. Oh. My. God. That’s what folks are saying about this simple weeknight supper solution.

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