About Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips is the founder of the popular blog Smoking Meat and the author of a cookbook by the same name, Smoking Meat. Born in North Carolina, he was raised on Southern cooking but only recently became fascinated with the art of low-and-slow. Phillips lives in Sapulpa, OK, on a 10-acre farm with his wife and three children. @smoking_meat

A whole smoked turkey in a metal serving dish on a bed of fresh herbs and cranberries.

Smoked Turkey

It’s not just about how lovely a turkey imbued with smoke would be. It’s also about how lovely more space in the oven on Thanksgiving would be.

A wire basket on a wood cutting board containing several types of cheese, including smoked cheddar cheese

Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Remember those wee rounds of shrink-wrapped smoked Cheddar from holidays past? This rendition is unspeakably better.

A smoked turkey on a platter with orange slices and fresh herbs.

Turkey Brine

Perhaps the simplest, most versatile brine ever. Seriously. Just salt and water. Surely you can handle that.