About Maria Helm Sinskey

Maria Helm Sinskey

Maria Sinskey is the co-owner and culinary director of Robert Sinskey Vineyards in Napa Valley, CA. After graduating from the California Culinary Academy and Denmark’s Conditerie Tivoli Pastry School, she worked at several restaurants in the Bay Area and was named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs in 1996. Sinskey is the author of The Vineyard Kitchen and Family Meals.

Five Spice Pork Chops

Five-Spice Pork Chops

Only subtly spicy, these pork chops take on an air of intrigue with their warming and evocative aroma and taste. Certain to spark conversation, if not seconds.

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  • 30 M
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Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Butternut Squash Soup

A most gratifying use for a gangly gourd, this silken butternut squash soup all but defines autumn.

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  • 15 M
  • 3 H
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Roasted Caramelized Root Vegetables Recipe

Roasted Caramelized Root Vegetables

Earthy root vegetables become kissed with sweetness and a subtle spiciness when lightly roasted. Roasting turns the interiors into soft, silky morsels.

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  • 25 M
  • 1 H, 25 M
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Pomegranate-Glazed Cornish Game Hens Recipe

Pomegranate-Glazed Cornish Game Hens

Game hens are brushed with a peppery pomegranate glaze and stuffed with a savory pine-nut-currant bread stuffing. The game hens are a great holiday meal.

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  • 2 H, 30 M
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Honey Walnut Cake

Honey Walnut Cake

Easy enough for everyday yet sufficiently elegant for anytime you need a little oomph, this honey-inflected walnut cake never disappoints. Ever.

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