About Susie Theodorou

Susie Theodorou

For two decades, food stylist Susie Theodorou has spent her days getting dishes and ingredients to look as pretty as a picture–or in some cases, a commercial. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, and Gourmet, as well as commercials for Kraft and Waitrose Foods. Theodorou is also the author of two cookbooks, Coffee and Bites and Can I Freeze It?. @susietheodorou

Three resealable plastic bags filled with freezer tomato sauce.

Freezer Tomato Sauce

1. Turn your glut of garden tomatoes into this sauce. 2. Stash it in the freezer. 3. Thank yourself come winter.

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A pan lined with parchment paper containing sliced roasted beets, chunks of feta cheese, a dressing, and a spoon

Roasted Beets with Feta

Earthy beets. Salty cheese. There’s something stunning about the contrast between the two. Tasting is believing.

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